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Bharathi Vidyalaya and Skyswood Primary School, St. Albans was brought together by TCS and British Council for the Global School Partnership Programme. The partner schools agreed to work on the Joint Curricular Project on Rivers; Bharathi Vidyalaya on River Kaveri and Skyswood on River Thames. The Joint Curricular Project also proposed to explore global issues such as Diversity, Critical Thinking, Resolving conflict, Interdependence, Commitment to sustainable development, Human rights and Global citizenship.

July 2012 has been a memorable month for staff and students of Bharathi Vidyalaya. Mr. Robert Bridle, Head teacher of Skyswood Primary School, St. Albans, UK, and the Deputy Head teacher, Mrs. Tracey Lockwood arrived on July 9th 2012 for a week long stay in Chennai, as part of the GSP Programme. They were given a very warm welcome. A traditional welcome dance with lamps was performed by our students. The week was packed with activities.

  • Our Guests being presented with a book on Kaveri Project

  • Kaveri Project on display
On 9th, after the welcome ceremony, students of Class VI proudly presented their work on River Kaveri. They presented their understanding of the subject through charts and models. The topics covered included Source and course of river Kaveri, mythological stories related to river Kaveri, flora and fauna found in the Kaveri Basin, Sharing of water resources, conservation of water, places of importance on Kaveri Basin and art forms in the Kaveri basin. The enthusiastic participation by the students was much appreciated by the guests.

On July 10th, Mr. Bridle and Mrs. Lockwood observed the art education classes and had a glimpse of the Indian Classical Art Forms. This was followed by an interesting presentation on Queen’s Jubilee by Mrs. Lockwood. A mock parliament session was presented by Class VII students. They discussed the Women’s Reservation Bill and also the pros and cons of commercial cultivation of BT. Brinjal. Mr. Bridle captivated the attention of Class IV students with his clay modeling session. The children enthusiastically participated and tried making a model of corals. Also Mr. Bridle’s poetry session was very interesting and much enjoyed by both students and teachers.

On 11th July, Mr. Bridle made a presentation on River Thames to students of Class VI. The activities that followed the presentation were informative, innovative, entertaining and exciting. The debate session by Class X students on the topic ‘Media is more powerful than the government’ was very lively. The proposition and the opposition team members effectively brought out arguments in support of their viewpoint.

The guest visited the Math Lab where they observed an activity on the topic addition of fractions for class V. This was followed by a session on ‘Teaching of English’ by Mr. Bridle for Class III students.

On 13th July, Mr. Bridle and Mrs. Lockwood gave a presentation on London Olympics in the assembly session for Classes VI to VIII. The visitors also witnessed how TATA Class Edge technology is used in the school to enhance learning of concepts through the use of interactive boards. They visited the Physics and Chemistry Labs of the senior secondary school. Class IX students presented a project on the topic ‘Constitution of India’. The last session was the Yoga demonstration by boys of Class VIII.

The Valedictory function was held on July 13th. Students of Class VI were given Certificates for their enthusiastic participation in the project.

The interactive sessions between the visitors and the teachers of our school provided a common platform for a healthy discussion to take place. The week had been very interesting, exciting and was a great learning experience for all at Bharathi Vidyalaya.

His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Dakshinamanaya Sri Sharada Peetam, Sringeri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji

“.....I bless this vidyalaya to get good recognition and improvement. May the children, teachers, management and staff be blessed with Sri Sharadha’s chosen blessings for peace and prosperity”

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